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What to Consider Before Buying a Chainsaw

Use a chainsaw to reduce the amount of uphill gardening you must do. These strong tools are useful for various labor-intensive tasks, including felling trees and cutting logs for firewood. They can assist with household garden cleanup, particularly cutting tasks too large for a shredder, and during emergencies like clearing away storm-damaged limbs.

Consider putting these difficult tasks on hold in favor of a chainsaw as we review your options if you have been working on them with an ax or saw.

What to consider before buying a chainsaw?

It's critical to consider your intended use before investing in a chainsaw. This can assist in determining which of the numerous available varieties is best for you.

What purpose will you put it to?

Consider what you are going to cut out of the material. This impacts how much power you'll need to finish the work successfully and efficiently. Less power is required for smaller jobs or softer cutting materials. So, for instance, you would seek out a stronger chainsaw than one employed to chop softwood for a fire if you were cutting down hardwood trees in your garden.

How far will you be operating your chainsaw from a power source?

If you have a smaller garden, you'll always be close enough to a mains electricity outlet, offering you more options than if you're seeking to use your chainsaw in a wider space.

How much chainsaw experience do you have?

If this is a new garden power tool for you, think about utilizing the one with the least power to get the task done. Purchasing the most potent model is necessary if you will only need some of that extra power. Purchasing it can result in you carrying a heavier tool without ever using the added power. If you are more experienced, though, pick from the full selection.

With a greater understanding of your cutting requirements, you can choose the sort of chainsaw you need.

Qualities to watch out for

Chainsaws offer a variety of additional technical details and essential features that are crucial to take into account.

Chainsaws on poles

There are a variety of extended pole saws for reaching higher branches and other difficult-to-reach spots. They are safer to operate, and the extension pole enables you to reach much higher branches, even though you might not get the same finish as using a conventional chainsaw and a ladder. The saw's angle can also be changed to cut precisely where you need it to.

Bar length

The phrase "bar length" refers to the length of the chainsaw's cutting bar, establishing the cutting operation's scope. In essence, the size of the log you can cut in one pass increases with the size of the bar. Domestic usage chainsaws can have bars up to 40 cm in length, with gasoline models having longer bars than corded or cordless models.

Chain speed

The chain speed determines how rapidly you can cut through the material; the greater the number, the faster the tool performs. While petrol variants frequently reach speeds closer to 20 m/s, corded and cordless types typically deliver around 9 m/s.


A chainsaw's weight is important since it affects how comfortably you use it. Lighter than heavy petrol models, such as corded and battery-powered ones, are easier to maneuver.

Handle Design

Similar to weight, the style of the handle impacts usefulness, and there are a variety of aspects to consider. Choose versions with ergonomic soft grip and anti-vibration handles to reduce pain, or choose wrap-around handles for increased accuracy while cutting at strange angles.

Tensioning a chain

Chain tensioning, also called chain adjustment, maintains the required tension in the chain to guarantee its safety during usage. A tensioning tool is included with some models, allowing you to tighten the chain and eliminate any unwelcome or hazardous slackness. Look for ones that allow you to adjust the tension with a twist of the chainsaw's side dial.

Anti-kickback feature and kickback brake

Kickback is when the chainsaw tip strikes another object and is propelled up and in the user's direction. Many versions incorporate an anti-kickback brake or an inertia chain brake to reduce the likelihood of this happening. This safety mechanism reacts immediately in the event of backlash, stopping the chainsaw.


The use of a chainsaw can eliminate countless hours of labor-intensive manual labor. To ensure that you select the best chainsaw for you, it's critical to consider chainsaw safety, affordability, and user experience. But now that you have our advice, you know which chainsaw is perfect for you.


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