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Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Electric Blowers

A leaf blower is a tool you seek if you constantly struggle to clean up your backyard. It makes the task easier and is a safe tool anyone can use, even the kids. Such a handy gardening tool makes the cleaning as quick as possible and helps you tackle leaves, debris, and other trash sitting in your backyard or house garden to make it appear spotless.

With several available options, you will likely need clarification about which electric blower to buy! Therefore, this article will discuss everything about the electric blower, letting you conclude this time-efficient gardening tool.

Types of Leaf Blower

Leaf blowers can be divided into three separate categories according to their built design and functions. These include:

  1. Handheld leaf blower:As the name suggests, the handheld models are designed to be compact and small to be easily carried and used. Generally, all the handheld leaf blowers are electric that either use batteries or are attached to the cords to get powered. As for the price, the corded ones are cheaper than the former. Compact in size and easily manageable, handheld leaf blowers are popular in houses to clean smaller spaces, such as porches and gazebos. These are powerful and perform the tasks up to the mark. You can easily access the handheld models with a vacuuming option for the debris and organic material to be used as compost.
  1. Backpack leaf blowers:Compared to handheld ones, backpack leaf blowers are more sustainable and robust, offering a longer run time. The motor attached to the blower is carried on the shoulder as the backpack blower, while the blower tube is held in hands to perform its duty. These blowers run on gas and are ideal for use in large spaces, including backyards, garages, or fields. Due to high blowing power, such blowers can easily remove metal clippings or pieces from the spaces.
  1. Walk-behind leaf blower:Made to be used in even larger spaces, these walk-behind leaf blowers are gas-powered and can quickly clear all the leaves, debris, garbage, and cardboard, including heavy metal articles. Landscapers use this blower type, requiring some maintenance and suitable storage.

Why buy an electric blower?

Electric blowers are the most efficient for use in house gardens or backyard spaces because:

  • They are affordable
  • Time-efficient
  • Low maintenance
  • No fuel emission
  • Quiet operation

What to look for when buying an electric blower?

Low maintenance li-ion battery

Electric leaf blowers are battery-operated, and therefore, there is no requirement for fuel refills and oil level checking. Furthermore, as they are battery equipped, you do not have to worry about a spark plug to replace. However, you must check Li-ion batteries with voltages lying anywhere between 18V to 120V.

Li-ion batteries are a life-saver in terms of consistency and lightweight. The batteries can also be easily recharged several times throughout their life. When shopping for a battery-powered blower, you must check the full battery's estimated run time and the time it will take to recharge. You can also invest in a backup battery to save time while the initial battery is on charge.

Brushless motor

The carbon brushes present in the motor transmit the battery's charge. It is inefficient as a lot of charge gets lost due to the friction caused by the carbon brushes. While selecting an electric leaf blower, get one that does not use carbon brushes but magnets.

Magnets help transmit the charge without creating friction, as the parts do not come in contact. This way, modern electric blowers maintain a consistent power supply.

Quiet operation

Gas-powered blowers generally produce extensive noise contributing to the already existing pollution. While electric blowers are designed to reduce noise pollution, choose the blower with the quietest operation possible. The noise levels must be around 57-60 decibels, even quieter than many vacuum cleaners.


To clean up the fall on small compact spaces while saving money and time, an electric blower is the one for you. We hope our tips and some research will help you grab the value-for-money product.


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